Next Act Capital Campaign

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Restoration and Preservation of the Historic 19th Street Theatre

We are so close to meeting our goal

The renovations, with a budget of $5.5 million to restore and preserve the historic beauty of the original 19th Street Theatre, have enhanced the experience for the many guests that attend theatre, movies, concerts, and events at Civic Theatre's permanent home. The campaign included the removal of hazards and updating of antiquated systems, a complete renovation of the auditorium, lobby, improved access, restoration of the wall frescoes and detailed ceiling dome, and improved stage and backstage areas.

Thank you to all the individuals, corporations, foundations, and government officials who helped get this glorious landmark to the beauty that we see today. But there is still work to be done! Unforeseen overages increased the costs that were originally budgeted and so we need to raise additional funds to complete the campaign and secure the future of our remarkable home and this Lehigh Valley cultural treasure.

Small or large - every gift to the Next Act Capital Campaign is your investment in the legacy of Civic Theatre for generations to come! Please use the link below to make a gift, pledge payment, or to purchase and name a seat.

From everyone at Civic Theatre past, present, and future - THANK YOU!

Civic Stage
For more information on how to support the Next Act Capital Campaign, contact Civic Theatre at or call 610.433.8903.