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Auditions for A Christmas Carol!

Audition dates have been released for Civic’s 2015 production of A Christmas Carol!

Please bring a current picture with you to attach to your audition form as well a clear understanding of what your conflicts will be October-December.

If your child wishes to audition for a young adult role, they may attend the young adult audition. However, if your child is unable to attend the young adult audition and would still like to be considered for a young adult role, they can attend the children’s audition and specify this information.

Audition dates are as follows:

Children’s Auditions

Grades 1-4: Saturday, October 17th, 2:00PM-4:30PM

Grades 5 and up: Saturday, October 17th, 4:30PM-finish

*Parents may make the determination to have thier child audition for young adult roles instead of children’s roles even if they are in these grades. Please use your best judgement as to whether your child physically would be classfied as a child or young adult.

Young Adult Auditions

Monday, October 19th, 7:00PM-finish

Adult Auditions

Tuesday, October 20th, 6:30PM-finish

We hope to see you there!!!

Young Actor Audition Information!

And in the meantime…come and see The Addams Family opening October 9th!!!

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