Civic Theatre Company

I had been looking for a way for us to be able to get together for events and create more of a sense of company around our wonderful theatre and the work we create. A sense of being more involved, supportive, and a part of the theatre... other than when involved in a production. Thus we began The Civic Theatre Company.

One can join the Company for a nominal donation of $25 per year and for that donation you will receive our Company rate on tickets for live productions. The Company is listed in our playbills and membership renews every Spring. We also hope to hold special events and get togethers throughout the year, like invitations to final dress rehearsals for most productions.

The only prerequisite for being a Company Member is having appeared on our stage or worked on a production in ANY capacity. Please...Everyone is invited and included...

CLICK HERE to register for a Company Membership!

Thanks. Onward together.

--William Sanders, Artistic Director