Capital Campaign: The Next Act

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The Next Act

It's Time to Act.

The 90-year-old 19th Street Theatre, while sound, must be brought up to code and restored if it is to continue to serve as a premiere destination for live theatre in the Lehigh Valley. Despite its aging facility, Civic has experienced solid programming growth with each season exceeding previous attendance records. Current box office projections anticipate more than 45,000 tickets will be sold in the coming year through both theatre and film programs. Additionally, hundreds of students enroll in Civic Theatre School, which is usually operating at its maximum capacity. Countless volunteers consider Civic their creative home, regularly sharing their talents on stage and behind the scenes.

There's No Place Like Home.

Civic Theatre of Allentown is a flagship arts organization in the Lehigh Valley and its home, the 19th Street Theatre, is a landmark performing arts facility. The theatre serves as a cultural magnet in the Lehigh Valley, providing a creative haven where performers develop their talents and children embrace the magic of theatre. Civic Theatre has embarked on a capital campaign to raise $5.5 million to restore and renovate the historic 19th Street Theatre. 

You can help make the restoration of this lehigh valley landmark a reality.

To begin the campaign, Civic Theatre received a prestigious RACP grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that will match $2 million of the total cost of the project. As Civic enters the second year of the campaign, the organization has secured contributions and pledges of  $2.4 million. While graciously acknowledging the generosity of those who have contributed, Civic now invites you to join us as we continue to raise the remaining $1.1 million. Together we can return the 19th Street Theatre to its original splendor and ensure its viability for generations to come.

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Success By Any Measure

The Nineteenth Street Theatre was home to the first art house cinema in the Lehigh Valley and is one of only two historic theaters remaining in operation in Allentown.

Each year, cinema and theatre patrons purchase over 45,000 tickets to mainstage productions and movie screenings, thereby generating foot traffic to West End businesses and bolstering economic development the area.

Over the years, Civic has brought more than 400 shows to life for audiences in the Lehigh Valley and has engaged hundreds of volunteers participating as performers, stage crew, ushers, ambassadors, carpenters, painters, and a multitude of miscellaneous roles. 

Our cherished annual holiday tradition, A Christmas Carol, has involved actors assuming 3,000+ roles, has provided 25,000 subsidized tickets to students over the past 10 years, and has engaged the entire community in its seasonal spirit of love and redemption.

Civic Seat Ad Final

Named seat donors may request a specific location. Please refer to the chart below for availability as of 1/11/2019. Seats marked with an "X" have been reserved. Contact Managing Director Shirley Kline for further information.

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