Why aren’t you getting [insert name of movie]?

The process for booking films is a complicated one! It is based not only on what we want to show our audience, but also on what the distribution companies want. The bottom line in the film business is money, and we are at the mercy of what these companies are willing to “give” to us. They make their decisions according to our previous ticket sales for other films they have distributed to us.  They also consider how the movie we are trying to book is doing elsewhere. If they don’t like what they see, sometimes we cannot book the movie we want.

Why is the movie I’m seeing in the smaller theatre?

There are two reasons for this. There may be a theatrical rehearsal or performance in the 19th St. Theatre. Sometimes, we need to move a movie that has already been playing in the 19th Street Theatre across the street into Theatre514 to accommodate a new movie that is opening in the bigger space. We would love to show all of our films in the historic 19th St. Theatre! However, it is a more complicated matter than just showing any movie we want wherever we want. We understand you would like to see your movie in the bigger theatre. But remember, even though Theatre514 is smaller, it was completely renovated last August with state of the art lighting, seating, and sound to give you the best viewing experience possible!

Why can’t I know what movies are playing ahead of time?

We give our audience the information about our films as soon as we know, which is about a week in advance. Contracts with distribution companies can change at any time. They may decide they want to pull a certain film from theaters because it is performing poorly, or they may demand to extend the screenings an extra week because it is doing so well. Our bookings are dependent upon these changes.

Why is the movie you’re showing also playing at Rave, AMC, Carmike etc.? Why aren’t you playing more foreign films?

As much as we would love to book every movie that our patrons request, it is unfortunately not possible. We are a premiere theatre for independent film, but we also need to consider our business. We pay royalties on all of our films, sometimes up to as much as 50% or 60%, which makes it necessary for us to book films that will bring in bigger audiences. As you might have noticed over the past few years, arthouse film audiences have been dwindling. To rectify this, we need to not only bring in small foreign films, but also ones with wider mass appeal.

We hope we have answered some of your questions! We take pride in our constant and timely communication with our patrons. Since independent film and arthouse cinema have also moved to the multiplex, we are constantly in competition to find and show films that you want to see. Thank you for your support by choosing Civic Films.