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Reading with The Cat in the Hat & Friends

Cat In The Hat

Reading with The Cat in the Hat & Friends is Civic Theatre’s arts-infused, literacy outreach program to enhance basic K-3 curriculum. This reading and enrichment program was developed to ignite the passion for reading in local schools, youth groups, and community after-school programs that serve K-3, a formative age when reading can be instilled as a habit for a lifetime.

Dr. Seuss books selected for the program help teach students important life messages: The Cat in the Hat (personal safety); The Sneetches (anti-bullying); Horton Hears a Who (accept and value each person); Green Eggs and Ham(willingness to try new things), and The Lorax (environmental awareness).  Using interactive teaching and the emotive techniques of theatre to encourage, inspire, and build the confidence of beginner readers and promote reading as a smart fun activity, a costumed character presents a dramatic reading based on Dr. Seuss’s books.  After the dramatic reading, discussion and age-appropriate workbook activities including rhyming games, reinforce the student’s comprehension and other skills, such as sight vocabulary, and sight reading.  This educational outreach program also introduces other subjects, such as math and science that are directly related to specific Dr. Seuss stories such as Bartholomew and the Oobleck.

Reading with The Cat in the Hat & Friends aligns with standards set by the NCTE/IRA Standards for English Language Arts.  The program’s focus on core language arts standards is important to its continued placement in elementary schools and is viewed by educators as a valuable interactive teaching tool.  Reading with The Cat in the Hat & Friends is presented as a one-time program or a five-week series, with a different Dr. Seuss book presented each week.  During the 2015-2016 school year, over 4,000 K-5 students were entertained and inspired by this innovative literacy outreach program. 

Civic Theatre’s 2016-2017 arts-infused literacy program, Reading with the Cat in the Hat & Friends, is made possible by the generous support of the following foundations and EITC contributions:

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