Student Information

Primary Parent/Guardian Information

Secondary Parent/Guardian Information (if applicable)

Medical/Emergency Information

Cancellation Policy

If a student cancels enrollment, refunds will be given as follows:
Up to two weeks prior to start of class: Full Refund
Two weeks prior to the start date of class: Full Refund minus $20
During week prior to start date of class: 50% Refund
Start Date or any time thereafter: No refund

Liability Release/Authorizations
- I understand this form must be completed for CTS Fall & Winter Session(s) and I will be required to update it every CTS session.
- Understanding that all necessary precautions for safety will be taken, I release the staff and Civic Theatre of Allentown, PA from any liability for injury that my child may sustain while involved in any aspect of his/her participation at Civic Theatre.
- I understand Civic Theatre of Allentown maintains no insurance coverage that applies to injuries sustained by students and volunteers, including volunteer performers. I acknowledge that my child’s participation in this production or activity is at our own risk.
- I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Civic Theatre of Allentown, PA, its staff, employees and officers from any and all claims which may be made as a result of any injuries sustained by my child as set forth above.
- I hereby certify that my child does not have any medical condition or allergic condition which would preclude his/he participation in volunteering or working at Civic Theatre classes, rehearsals or productions. I give permission to the staff of Civic Theatre of Allentown to administer first aid or to seek medical treatment for my child. I understand that if an emergency occurs and the local police or other similar authorities take custody of my child, Civic Theatre of Allentown cannot guarantee that my instructions stated will be followed (i.e. Hospital of preference).

I, the custodial parent/legal guardian give my (our) permission for:

By checking this box, I agree to the Liability Release/Authorization for my student to attend Civic Theatre School.
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