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Civic Theatre School

IMG_1134Civic Theatre is committed not only to providing quality arts educational programming to students K-12, but also bringing the arts into the schools to enhance the learning environment.

Through the Civic Theatre School, students don’t just learn how “to act” but gain important life skills that help them grow.  Students involved in the arts watch less TV and display more tolerant behavior towards others! Classes, like those at Civic Theatre, help foster positive achievement, collaborative-working and critical-thinking skills. Studies have shown that theatre classes can not only enhance creativity, but help develop skills that assist in learning languages and even mathematics.

Theatre education is an interdisciplinary art form that satisfies the human need to express thoughts and feelings through written text, dramatic interpretation and multimedia production.

Civic Theatre School incorporates many of the elements of the Pennsylvania Education Standards for the Arts and Humanities.

Civic’s Outreach Programs, especially its flagship program “Reading with the Cat and the Hat,” use drama and theatre to enhance the curriculum at area schools.