Civic Theatre School Summer

Imagine … Create … Explore …

Enroll your young actor at Civic Theatre School and unlock the transformative power of the arts!

Grow! Civic Theatre School kids don’t just learn how “to act” but gain important life skills that help them grow.  Students involved in the arts watch less TV and display more tolerant behavior towards others! Classes like those at Civic Theatre help foster positive achievement, collaborative-working and critical-thinking skills. Studies have shown that theatre classes can not only enhance creativity, but help develop skills that assist in learning languages and even mathematics.
Learn! Since theatre education is an interdisciplinary art form it satisfies our human need to express thoughts and feelings through written text, dramatic interpretation and multimedia production. The Civic Theatre School, the oldest continually operating theatre education program in the Lehigh Valley, is based in solid educational principles and incorporates many of the elements of the Pennsylvania Education Standards for the Arts and Humanities.

Session 1: July 10 – 21
Session 2: July 24 – August 4



CTS Fall and Winter
Session 1: September 9 – November 4
Session 2: January 6 – March 10
No class on February 17



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Class Schedules, Descriptions, and Tuition Information

Grades 1-2 (M-F 9am-12pm): $255/session, $500 both sessions

Grades 3-5 (M-F 9am-12pm): $255/session, $500 both sessions
Grades 3-5 (M-F 9am-3pm): $510/session, $900 both sessions

Grades 6-8 (M-F 9am-12pm): $255/session, $500 both sessions
Grades 6-8 (M-F 9am-3pm): $510/session, $900 both sessions

Grades 9-12 (M-F 6:00pm-9:00pm): $255/session, $500 both sessions
Grades 9-12 w/Voice (M-F 6:00pm-9:45pm): $345/session, $680 both sessions

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