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On Golden Pond

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 Ernest Thompson’s
“On Golden Pond.”  running February 12-28, 2016


The flawed hero and villain, Norman Thayer, is turning eighty; and his aging heart is arrhythmic. He and his unfaltering wife Ethel, who is ten years his junior, have returned to their summer home on Golden Pond, in Maine just as they have done for many years past. The house itself is a narrative of their life together, with memorabilia, photographs, books, and bric-a-brac marking the interior, like the dog-eared pages of a worn and well-read book. In this organic setting on Golden Pond among all the natural phenomena and living things a man battles nature’s ebbs and flows. Ethel is Norman’s anchor, however, she is not blind to his faults: he is proud and willfully controversial, an “old poop,” really, but, for her at least, a lovable one.

Unlike her mother, Chelsea Thayer, the couple’s forty-two year old daughter, is deeply troubled by her father’s manner. She carries the bitterness of her childhood and of what she perceives to be her father’s disapproval and disregard of her: that she was not a boy and was too fat to do back-flips off the pier into the pond. She has relationship and self-image issues, and she blames Norman.

Finally, son to Chelsea’s latest love interest is thirteen-year-old Billy. Left on Golden Pond for several days while his father and Chelsea go off to get married, Billy is able to escape his own feelings of abandonment and frustration and form a significant attachment to Norman in particular.

There is an undercurrent running beneath this play that is as strong and poignant as any undercurrent running beneath any of the great stage classics of the American theatre library. It is as present as the lake itself, as the loons, and as the brilliantly humorous heartbreak on every page of this beautiful play, yet itis never spoken, never overtly acted out on the stage. But it is the thrust that keeps this family alive.

Norman Thayer, Jr. – Barry Glassman
Ethel Thayer – Becky Engborg
Charlie Martin – Troy Brokenshire
Chelsea Thayer Wayne – Syd Stauffer
Billy Ray – Luke Raso
Bill Ray – James Pfeffer

F Johnson in-16

Civic 514 presents


Artist Statement

I envision the world and my existence within as collaged experiences. Layers and fragments from childhood to adult, both self taught and formal art education, adding personal and media influenced worldview with spiritual and practical human gestures all floating inside looking for position.

The representation is gestural, in profile, portrait, and urbanscapes through a process I call Abstract divided by the Objective.

My process starts by actively mixing paint and using colors from made or found papers until the composition appears; collaging more recently from my own photographs. Once I have a definite hook on the picture the dialog continues. Completion comes by drawing, painting even collaging pigment, distressing or sensitizing, all raw energy until the feeling says done. Expressed with a focus on present modernity in art, the contemporary.

The imagery is an infusion of “where from, where at, and where to” reflected from within self and community at large. Also asking, “Can I depict conscience today without natural, fabricated, or intercultural ingredients”? Challenging what makes up gestural human form and invokes a connection.

My approach to subject matter is to exalt life… In whatever form it occurs.
The passion… being able to tell the story with no beginning or ending… just chapters of paint-collaging.

Femi J Johnson

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 The Art Exhibition will be open for viewing January 7th through February 24th, 2016.


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The lineup of our upcoming productions is as follows:

On Golden Pond

Ethel and Norman Thayer spend their summer at their vacation home as they are visited by their daughter Chelsea, accompanied by her fiance, Billy Ray, and his son, Billy Ray Jr.  This 1979 play by Ernest Thompson explores the rocky relationship between Chelsea and her father and the difficulties faced by an aging couple in the golden years of their marriage.

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Once Upon a Mattress

Students of the Civic Theatre School will take you on a whimsical trip to fairy tale land with this magical and musical adaptation of the timeless classic, The Princess and the Pea.  This musical is especially adapted for young performers.

NOTE: This version of “Once Upon a Mattress” is part of the Getting To Know Series —  Uniquely adapted musicals specifically for youth performers. The production will be performed by students of the Civic Theatre School and is perfect for young audiences.

 In this adaptation for pre-high school students, the content has been edited to better suit younger attention spans, but all the elements that make this show a classic are still in place.

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Filled with dark humor, this Sondheim musical depicts nine men and women who attempted (with four successes) to assassinate American Presidents.  The musical explores the minds of  the assassins themselves – their disturbances, their entitlement as motivation, and their view of the classic American Dream.

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God of Carnage

In this 2009 play by Yasmina Reza, when some roughhousing between two 11-year-old boys named Benjamin and Henry erupts into real violence, Henry loses two teeth.  Benjamin’s parents, Alan and Annette Raleigh, meet with Henry’s parents, Veronica and Michael Novak, to try to smooth things over. However, what starts as a polite meeting among adults descends into finger-pointing, tantrums and insults.

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