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  Civic Theatre PresentsUrinetown: The Musical


One of the most uproariously funny musicals in recent years, URINETOWN is a hilarious tale of greed, corruption, love and revolution in a time when water is worth its weight in gold. Musical Theatre International

To pee or not to pee... that is the question!
In a Gotham-like city, a terrible water shortage, caused by a 20-year drought, has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets. The citizens must use public amenities, regulated by a single malevolent company that profits by charging admission for one of humanity’s most basic needs. Amid the people, a hero decides he’s had enough, and plans a revolution to lead them all to freedom!

A show so intelligently collaborated in its audacity that it can provoke enthusiasm in a critic weary of theatrical navel gazing. Urinetown’s gloriously sensible message is: ‘Hey it’s only theatre, but isn’t it wonderful?’ Bruce Weber, The New York Times

Music & Lyrics by Mark Hollmann
Book & Lyrics by Greg Kotis


Direction by William Sanders
Musical Direction by Justin Brehm

May 2 – May 18

- Thursdays @ 7 pm
- Fridays @ 7 pm
- Saturdays @ 8 pm
- Sunday, May 18 @ 2 pm

Winner of Three 2002 Tony Awards including Best Book and Best Score!

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Civic Theatre of Allentown will hold auditions for its benefit concert of the Tony award winning musical “Ragtime” at 6:30 pm on May 12, 2014. Auditions will be in the rehearsal hall above Civic Theatre at 527 N 19th Street in Allentown. If necessary, callbacks will be held later that week.

Ragtime is a concert for two performances - June 14 and 15. As this will be a benefit, Actor’s Equity members are welcome to audition under the Equity Guest Artist Contract.

All roles in the production are open. Here is a character breakdown for “Ragtime”

RAGTIME CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS (All ages are the character; not the age of the performer).

Cast breakdown: a Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Racial cast including all ages, about 50+ adults/older teens, and 3 featured children.  3-6 additional children may be cast for ensemble, ages 8-12. The entire ensemble sings. (Non-singing actors may be considered for non-singing featured roles; however singers will be given preference due to the challenging choral score.)



(ages listed are based on history and/ or author recommendations, and should not be taken literally)

Coalhouse Walker, Jr: (lead) African-American male. 25-35 (baritone with strong top range; range: Ab to G, with a sustained high F#). Intense dance; pianist; proud, confident, and stubborn.

Sarah: (lead) African-American female. Late teens-early 20′s (lyric soprano; range: low G# to high F# on staff)

Mother: (lead) Anglo-American female. 30+ (lyric soprano; range: low G to high Eb on staff) gentle, compassionate, optimistic

Father: (lead) Anglo-American male. 40+ (baritone; range: B to E on staff) cautious; resistant to change

Mother’s Younger Brother: (supporting) Anglo-American male. 20-25+ (tenor/baritone with strong top range: B to high F#) passionate anarchist; intense and high-strung

Young Boy: (supporting) Anglo-American male. 8-12 (juvenile voice; range: E to Db on staff) precocious and curious

Tateh: (lead) Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant male. 30+, slight accent (tenor; range: Db to high F#) intelligent, passionate, creative

Emma Goldman (cameo – historical): Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant female/Anarchist. 40+, slight accent. (alto, range: low G# to Db on staff)

Harry Houdini (cameo – historical): Hungarian Immigrant male/Magician/body-builder. 30+ (tenor; range: mid. C to high G)

Evelyn Nesbit (cameo – historical): Anglo-American female. Vaudevillian performer. 18-25 (belter/soprano, range:middle C to Db on staff) dancer preferred. 

Young Girl (supporting) Tateh’s daughter: Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant female. 8-12 (juvenile voice; range: E to Db on the staff) quiet and shy.

Sarah’s Friend: (supporting) African-American female. Late teens – 30. (Gospel lyric-soprano or alto range: low G to stratosphere scat top note)

Grandfather (cameo) (Mother’s father): Anglo-American male. 55+ (some “speak sung” lyrics, baritone) gruff & outspoken.

Booker T. Washington (cameo – historical): African-American male, distinguished. 45+ (some “speak sung” lyrics, baritone)

Henry Ford (cameo – historical): Anglo-American male. 30-45 (some “speak sung” lyrics, baritone)

JP Morgan (cameo – historical): Anglo-American male; banking mogul. 45+ (some “speak sung” lyrics, baritone)

Little Coalhouse: (cameo) Walk-on at end of show. African-American male. Age 3-4 (no spoken lines or singing)


  • RAGTIME offers members of the three ensembles multiple opportunities to play a number of smaller parts with lines and some solos.  Supporting roles with final casting decisions possibly made during rehearsals)include: Admiral Peary, Stanford White, Harry K. Thaw, Willie Conklin, Judge, train conductor, people of New Rochelle/Harlem/Union Square, Jewish immigrants, factory workers, demonstrators, newsboys, reporters, bureaucrats, Coalhouse’s Men, and numerous other ensemble roles.
  • The RAGTIME Chorus is an exciting and essential feature of the show.  Chorus is extremely involved and active throughout the show.  The three distinct ensemble groups must each produce a full and balanced choral sound.

Actors who wish to audition should do the following:

Prepare 18-36 bars of a song from “Ragtime,” or a similar musical theatre genre that shows your range and experience. If you are interested in a specific role, sing a song that that character performs. An accompanist will be at the audition; actors are expected to provide sheet music.

Bring a headshot or picture in which your face is clearly visible.

Bring a list of your conflicts from audition date until the show’s close (June, 15).

Directed and by Civic’s Artistic Director, William Sanders with musical direction by Justin Brehm, and Steve Reisteter “Ragtime” will play Civic’s Nineteenth Street Theatre from Saturday, June 14 through Sunday, June 15 and will feature the full orchestration of 28 pieces.




Imagine… Create… Explore…

See the amazing things your child can accomplish when you enroll him/her in Civic Theatre’s

Sensational, Sizzlin’ Summer Acting Session!

This summer give your child the ability to unlock his/her artistic potential! Civic Theatre’s Summer Acting Session is a fantastic opportunity to provide your child with the chance to grow in performance ability and enhance their confidence. But these aren’t the only benefits! Theatre education is a field that provides children with, not only the ability to engage in creative thinking, but also the critical-thinking skills useful in other disciplines (even math!). It will help your child learn how to better express what he/she is feeling and, of course, he/she will gain amazing collaborative-working skills from having to work with others!

Civic Theatre is providing children age 4 to 18 with the amazing opportunity to sign-up for ONE or BOTH of our summer sessions (for a whole summer full of fun)!

SAS Session 1: July 7 – 18
SAS Session 2: July 21 – August 1

To Enroll in Summer Acting Sessions:  Register Here!


Session Times:

Pre-K/Kindergarten: 9am to 11am

Grades 1-2: 9am to 12pm

Grades 3-8: 9am to 12pm HALF DAY

Grades 3-8: 9am to 3pm FULL DAY

Grades 9-12: 6pm to 9pm



In addition to our engaging Drama and Movement program, students in grades 3-8 will have the option to participate in an additional specialty package of classes.  If this package is purchased-students will bring a lunch each day and have a supervised lunch break from 12-12:30pm.  From 12:30 pm until 3 pm students will enjoy and experience a variety of exciting topics taught by talented and qualified instructors.


  Audition Prep                                                                                                  Technical Theatre

  Vocal Class (singing)                                                                                                        Improv

 Voice and Speech (not singing)                                                                           Text Analysis

Building a Character                                                                                        Costume Design

Acting a Song                                                                                                          Shakespeare

  Stage Combat                                                                                                             Monologue

    Stage Make-Up                                                                                                 Building a Puppet

  Focused Movement (Tap,                                                                              Props for Theatre

  Ballroom, Bollywood)                                                                                         Acting for Film


Session 2 will focus on Devised Theatre! Students will study this exciting and inspiring form of theatre through readings, exercises and discussions. Putting what they are learning into practice, the students will collaboratively create and produce an original piece of theatre!