Art Exhibitions


Jack Myers
Now in Theatre514

The art exhibit is open 30 minutes before each film in Theatre514.


Active visual experiences and design processes are inspiring to me.  In many ways, I consider my work to be the result of inquiry and a natural form of problem solving.  The answers sometimes are abstract paintings.  Graphically within these, the face of one form could be the side of something else.  Achieving interesting solutions is an essential part of my work.  This creates strong visual cohesion and also strengthens the longevity of the answer itself.  These paintings attempt to communicate a language of contour-line interaction, flexibility, composition and color-space.  I try to avoid the limiting aspect of traditional routes to forge new connections between the work I make and the surrounding environment.

Jack is a designer, professor and graphic specialist.  He has a Master of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art in Graphic & Interactive Design and a Bachelors of Science from The University of the Arts in Industrial Design.  Both schools are located in Philadelphia, PA, where he worked and lived prior to 2013.  He currently lives in Allentown and plans to make the Lehigh Valley the primary location for his visual studio and design practice.

Jack considers himself a visual problem solver and likes to work with non-traditional processes as frequently as possible.  As a professor, he has taught courses ranging from visual art foundation to advanced-level typography and design.  As a painter, he enjoys the axacting nature of contour line and abstraction.  Bold graphic work has always been part of his language and he uses many mediums to communicate visually.  Although client-work is a large part of his professional practice, Jack likes to create projects that explore many different genres including print design, painting, multimedia and digital production.