Art Exhibitions


Ana M. Hamilton
Now in Theatre514

The art exhibit is open 30 minutes before each film in Theatre514.


Educated at the Colegio Lestonnac, Havana University, graduated from Trenton State College (The College of New Jersey).  Fine Arts education and training in Cuba, Spain and the USA.

“I was exposed to all the art forms at an early age: music, dance, theater, museums and the contact with varied artists that visited our home.  As far as I remember I have drawn and painted.  I remember melting many Crayola crayons under the hot sun and watch with fascination the resulting mixes and swirls of colors… (What child hasn’t?)

I am influenced by the works of Manet, Renoir, Cezanne, Kalo, VanGogh, as well as current fellow artists and most importantly my father Aurelio Valcarcel Sueiro, portrait photographer.

To me, art is the unbridled expression of the human soul.

POLIMITA is the basis of my paintings of shells and their color and form reflects in my work.  They are land snails found only in Cuba, in the region of Baracoa, not far from my hometown, (very rare and facing extinction).  The colors developed on these shells by nature are a reflection of the land and food they consume.  No two are alike and the variations are infinite.  They provide the nature’s anchor to a reality that evolves.  They are my most intimate muse.”