Who's Holiday

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Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite childhood star? Ever read the sensational story accompanying the epic rise and fall of someone thrust into the spotlight at too young an age? What if you got to sit down with the adult version of that star and hear their side of the story? Now, combine all of this with one of our most treasured, fictional characters in Christmas lore, Cindy Lou Who, and you have the hysterical romp that is Matthew Lombardo’s Who’s Holiday! The tale follows Cindy, now in her mid-40s and living in her late uncle’s trailer on the outskirts of Whoville. No longer welcome in Whoville due to her “sensational past,” Cindy decides to throw a Christmas Eve party for her now estranged friends in the hopes of rekindling a glimmer of her triumphant, Christmas past. Over the course of the evening while Cindy preps for her party, she recounts for the audience exactly how and why she ended up in that trailer. And she drinks…a lot. As her night unravels, follow the inebriated Cindy Lou Who through tales that get “twisted, and soon learn how she got blacklisted.” Please take special note that this is for mature audiences only. Parents, take some time and cheer for yourself this year, and join Cindy Lou Who for an unforgettable night of laughs at Civic Theatre of Allentown.

There will be no intermission and no food or beverage (except water) at concessions.

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